The Creative Academy is here!

Our  “school term” is starting in July. The Creative Academy brings together various creative modules and courses under one umbrella in terms of branding and marketing.

For the curriculum, TCA offers modules in the following subject areas within the Creative Industries

1.                  Comics

2.                  Architecture

3.                  Photography

4.                  Music

5.                  Film

6.                  Arts and Design (Graphics)

The focus of TCA emphasises on the process of learning through applications and experiences rather than on rote academic learning or knowledge building. Students will take part in a process of creation that will result in an output or outlet. Each module allows students to participate in the actual process of creation in real time and real space, i.e. the work and contributions that they put in will go towards the final realization of a “product” to be introduced into the market.

More than just learning, TCA will also create platforms within the modules to help promote the students as well as their works in creating a database of portfolios that can be accessed by public. Thus, the Academy acts as a conduit or directory that highlight the expertise of the alumni.

If you are interested to participate as a student or organisation please contact Chris Koh at



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2 responses to “The Creative Academy is here!

  1. Sha

    Anything for writers(poetry,blogs,short stories)??

    • thecreativeacademy

      Hi Sha, we have not plan for those tracks you mention yet. We will take your feedback into consideration. Will update you if any tracks along that line is available. Are you in our facebook page because you will usually get the latest news from there. Just look for The Creative Academy.


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