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Hi all

It has been a while since we updated. That’s because we are trying to create the best programme for you coming up soon. As you can see from the title, we have rename our academy to BEAR FRUIT ACADEMY.

To see what we have started so far earlier on in June, check out the blog by Nparks on our recent collaboration with them.

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50 years milestones of Singapore’s History

Do you remember coming up with a creative idea using your wooden HB pencil and Jotter Book? Do you remember your science project where you tried to grow bean sprouts in your little jar ? Do you remember making prints with potatoes during your art and craft lesson?

As part of National Library’s upcoming Heritage Road Show event, we are calling for stories or photographs that can best illustrate the major 50 years milestones of Singapore’s history from 1959 – 2009. Submit your stories and photographs to us from now till 1 August and you stand a chance to win CASH prizes of up to $5,000!

For more information on how to contribute and to see the photos/stories of others, access For more of Heritage Roadshow IV and the programmes we have lined up for you go to

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