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Operation Void Deck


Everyone needs a place to hang out beyond the four walls of the home – a place to chat with friends, to be inspired, to find rest. What is your vision for the renewal of the void decks of the heartlands?

The Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) presents Operation Void Deck – an open competition to design an architectural intervention at the void decks of public housing estates.

The competition has been jointly organised by the SIA, the Marine Parade Town Council, the National Library Board, and Hong Leong Holdings Limited. It aims to generate unique, exciting ideas about how to bring something more to the lives of residents, and show how architecture and design can impact upon society.

For this inaugural round of the competition, Block 51 Marine Terrace will served as a site to envision how the ground level of the block might be used to contribute to needs of the surrounding community.
Competition Guidelines
Entries should present a vision of how to encourage community interaction and enhance the quality of life of the residents across generations, especially the elderly.

The competition is open to all, including architects, interior designers, students, and people with great ideas.

Design ideas could range from a furniture installation to the remodeling of an area within or surrounding the void deck at Block 51 Marine Terrace.

The envisioned proposal should factor in a construction budget of $30,000.

The winning design entry will stand the chance to be further developed with support from SIA, and may potentially be built at Block 51 Marine Terrace in early 2010. Special mentions will be exhibited in an ideas gallery.

The prize categories are:
1st prize – $3000
2nd prize – $2000
3rd prize – $1000

In line with Operation Void Deck, the National Library Board Singapore is organising a Bear Fruit Academy programme to help interested parties develop their design proposals. This is open to all non-professionals as well as to students and interested parties. For more information on the programme, please contact Chris Koh at for more information.


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Drawing by Troy Chin

During the 2nd session for Blomics one of the student mentioned about this particular drain that he walked past everyday and would like to include that scene into his comic strip. He was stuck on how to go about doing it.

For some of you out there who face the same problem, one of the thing Troy mentioned was to concentrate on the scene and sketch it out with a few lines, the idea will then move on from there.

This was what he came out with in five minutes after hearing from the student description.


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