Poked by a Car Seat

Car Seat
Photo: Arthur McClung III

Drivers can look forward to having an additional feature in their cars – vibrating motors at the back of their car seat that warn danger from blind spots. The blind spot monitors currently in the market uses visual and audio components such as a red warning triangle that appears on the exterior mirror or an audible warning.

Engineers from Yale University have designed a car seat that serves as an interface between the driver and the environment. Servomechanisms are installed to the back of the seat to detect the location of a following or approaching car, which would then activate the motors. The closer the following car is, the stronger the vibrations.

According to John Morrell, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Yale University, the goal of the design was to create “renaissance user interface” through which the mind and body are used to the fullest by coupling every part of the body into experience.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this would be seen soon in cars.

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