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The Place to go for Things Hard to Find

Founded in 1843, the Hammacher Schlemmer store located in the New York City, sells unique and innovative products. The store is touted as ‘the place to go for things hard to find”.

Our favourites among the many:

The Portable Handheld Scanner

We like the portability of this, a far cry from the desk scanners we are used to.

Portable Handheld Scanner

The iPhone and iPod Touch Charging Leather Case

This product appeals to Apple fans! It eliminates the need now to find a power socket to charge your devices when you are on the go. Doubling up as a case, is an ingenious idea, coupling convenience with practicality.

The iPhone and iPod Touch Charging Leather Case

The Steering Wheel Bluetooth Speakerphone

Despite putting on your bluetooth headset while driving, your counterpart is still unable to hear you clearly. That is when this Steering Wheel Bluetooth Speakertooth comes in handy. Now those who likes to have conversations while driving, would find it especially useful!

The Steering Wheel Speaker Phone


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