NOISE Singapore & Bearfruit Street Art Workshop

Street art is an evolution of the traditional graffiti art, whereby graffiti artists express their techniques, styles and skills through a spray can as a medium. Street art involves strong concepts, blending the artwork together with the environment that surrounds it and usage of different mediums like paints, markers, stencils, wheat pasting, posters, installations and other recycling materials. It also explores the practice of interaction and delivering messages of the artwork across to the public.

NOISE Singapore, together with the National Library Board, is organising a NOISE Singapore & Bearfruit Street Art Workshop where participants can learn about street art and practise on real life objects under the guidance of established artists in the local street art scene – ANTZ and Clogtwo. At the end of this 4-session workshop series, participants will produce a set of works together for an exhibition at the Jurong Regional Library in 2012. Please note that this workshop is open to participants aged 13 and above. Participants should have drawing experience and an interest in creating art on objects.

Workshop Outline
Session 1: Theory – Speakers will cover topics like street art history, character development and techniques.
Sessions 2 – 4: Practical – Participants will be given the freedom to choose to work on a single topic or switch from one topic to another within the three sessions. Participants can thus have the chance to mix different styles from different topics taught to them, making street art more versatile.

Date & Venue
Date: Saturdays, 3, 4, 10 & 11 Dec 2011
Venue: Jurong Regional Library
Time: 2-6pm (estimated)

As there are limited seats for this workshop, please note that you are able to attend all the workshop sessions to register.

Drop an email to by 16 Nov 2011 with the subject header ‘Noise-Bearfruit Street Art!’ and include the following details:
– Name, Date of Birth, Gender
– Contact number
– Occupation
– Drawing experience : Yes/No
– Samples of your past works (in one file, not more than 5mb)
– Reasons for joining this workshop (not more than 100 words)

About the Speakers

ANTZ’s meteoric rise from obscurity to becoming one of the upcoming urban artists to look out for stems from his unique illustrative style. A style which makes heavy references to chinese culture; from mythology to dialect and identity, ANTZ has managed to create an interesting juxtaposed mash of contemporary urban styles with traditional chinese visuals and influences. ANTZ is constantly on the lookout for new approaches in making and creating his art, be it in medium or concept. Apart from being a full time art director professionally, ANTZ is also the co- founder of the design collective The Geeksigners. Along with fellow artist, CLOGTWO and ZERO, ANTZ is part of RSCLS, a collaborative approach of styles, ideas and creative banter. As an artist, ANTZ has been involved in renowned projects and international events such as ADIDAS, NIKE, IdN, Converse, Taggerbags, Tiger Translate, Ministry of Sound (Singapore), MTV Asia and many more. ANTZ is all geared up to intensify the industry with his up and coming contemporary designs.


Many of the people I’ve met tend to forget my real birth name sometimes; I think it’s not as significant or important since Clogtwo was found in 2004, on a chemically sprayed wall in a dark canal, generally known to man as graffiti art and to some, vandalism. To me, I think Clogtwo’s destroying my lungs with all the fumes I’ve inhaled for the past seven years. Clogtwo’s works merge from relative questions from social behaviour to the mysteries of our religious beliefs. As time goes by, many artists tend to question themselves whether their styles are well defined or recognised. I think there’s no such definition for style. Style is not made, it’s who you are. I’ve worked with National Arts Council, National Health Promotion Board, Singapore National Museum, Singapore Arts Museum, OKTO channel and Adidas, to name a few. I have also exhibited in Vue Privee and Taksu Gallery, but it looks like Clogtwo managed to get all the credit.

– Application for the workshop ends on 13 Nov.
– Successful applicants will be notified via email by 30 Nov.
– Successful applicants are required to bring along the following materials for the workshop
• stationery (eg. pencils, pens, erasers)
• permanent markers (Sharpies markers if you have)
• paint brushes – all sizes
• penknives
• masking tapes

This programme is presented by NOISE Singapore and Bear Fruit Academy (an initiative of the National Library Board).


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