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Bear Fruit Academy: Designer Toys Creation Workshop

Turn Your 2D illustrations into a 3D Figure

Always fascinated with those amazing designer toys that you see on display? You have an ideal toy figurine that you want to own, but, you do not know how to go about designing, creating and producing it? Now is you chance to do so!

If designing, creating and producing your own designer toy is your dream, this 4-part Designer Toys Creation Workshop is just for you! Under the mentorship of Matthew Hong from 8elephants, participants will be exposed to creating designer toys using various sculpting and painting methods.

As a student in Bear Fruit Academy, you don’t have to work too hard. All we need from you are:
1. A commitment to ALL 4 workshops;
2. A creative inclination and passionfor character creation; and
3. To be comfortable with working with hands (Prototypes will be created by YOU!)

Selected protoypes will be showcased in one of our Public Libraries. workshop is limited to only 20 participants. Are you all hyped up for the experience of a lifetime? Register by sending an email to by Sunday, 27 February 2011with:

1. the subject header: “I want to be part of the Designer Toys Creation Workshop”
2. why you would like to join this workshop.
3. sketch/drawing of the toys you like and/or a design of your ideal toy
4. your full name, NRIC and contact number

Session 1
Tampines Regional Library, Auditorium
Saturday 5 March 2011, 11am – 1pm

– Participants will share his/her sketches, photos, illustrations, or physical examples of elements they would like to incorporate into their toy.
– Participants will learn about the toy collectibles and identify the few proven approaches to creating the toy collectibles with relation to their concepts.

Session 2
Tampines Regional Library, Changi Room
Saturday 12 March 2011, 11am – 1pm

– Presentation of Concepts – Students will decide on an original design to develop from their sketches.
– Participants will learn about ways to translate their concepts into 3-Dimensions and discuss how certain aspects of their toy may be better engineered for small and large scale production.
– Participants will start to sculpt their creations from mixed-media.

Session 3
Tampines Regional Library, Changi Room
Saturday 19 March 2011, 11am – 1pm

– Participants will present at least 60% of the completed sculpt/model of their design.
– Participants will refine their sculpted creation to a nearly finished stage.
– Participants will begin or complete their painting schemes.
– Participants will discuss on how to prepare their work for the final presentation and showcase.

Session 4
Tampines Regional Library, Changi Room
Saturday 19 March 2011, 11am – 1pm

– Participants will present their completed designer toys to the industry professionals for judging.

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