The BearFruit Academy (BFA) is a once in a lifetime experience that has to be enjoyed to the fullest. As a student in BFA, you do not even have to prepare much for it industriously. What we need from you is a lighten attitude to immerse yourself in the awesome comic creation experience!

Students will learn about the converging of comics with Web 2.0 to create a relatively new product known as Blomics – (blog + comics) by mentor, Troy Chin. If you have a high quality Blomic at the end of the day with plenty of viewers, you stand a chance to get your Blomic published and sold on the open market by FUNics Production.

So if you have always been dabbling in drawing and illustrations, with an interesting story to tell or just have been creating your own comics with no real outlets for your creations, then this programme is for you.

There are four main sessions designed within this programme; each will cover major areas as indicated below. All session will be held at the National Library Building from 7.00 – 9.00 pm.

Session One (Wednesday, 16 September 2009)

§ Introduction to Project Brief

§ “What is a Blomic?”

§ Why and How to create and maintain such blogs?

§ Comic Character Design Formula

Session Two (Monday, 21 September 2009)

§ Discussion on Participant’s Comic Character

§ Fixing of Themes

§ Kick starting your own Blomic

Session Three (Tuesday, 29 September 2009)

§ Introduce the Storyline of your Blomic

§ How to develop your Content

§ Importance of Research

Session Four (Thursday, 8 October 2009)

§ How to develop your Blomic for publication

§ How to “sell” your Blomic and build up your readership

§ Pitching of Blomic to sponsor

At the interim period between each session, participants will be issued individual challenges for them to complete.

After session four, there will be a period set aside for the participants to implement what they have learnt in terms of publicity and promotion of their own Blomics. They will be encouraged to branch out into alternative ways of marketing e.g. Setting up a fan’s page in Facebook, employ Direct Email Marketing strategies etc. There will be a panel of judges who will be monitoring the progress of all the Blomics. At the end of the this period, all the participants will be asked to do a pitch to the judges to convince them of the viability to publish their Blomics.


The main reward for the participants will be the opportunity to get their blomics published into a trade paperback. And the participants will get a royalty fee that is the market practice, akin to that of a professional comic artist. There are even opportunities for the publications to be introduced into China and for merchandising opportunities.

As for Blomics that may not have made the cut for whatever reasons, the FUNics Production, the publishing company, will also consider licensing interesting and compelling comic characters from the participants to create new publications within Singapore.




2 responses to “Blomics

  1. Very nice! Tempted to apply. But no, will pass for now. Looking forward to seeing the Blomics from the participants. BTW, why not “Comilogs” or “GraphicNovelogs” ah? Thought the art comes before the blog? 🙂

    • bear fruit academy

      Well technically art does comes before the blog but will believe that the story is more important than the art or drawing in that sense. The drawing can always be enhance technologically. But having a good story line doesn’t come that easily.

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