FOOD AND BEVERAGE – Cakes and Cookies

Love baking and creating new recipe? Always wanted to set up your own business selling your latest creation online or set up your own little bakery?

The BearFruit Academy (BFA) is a once in a lifetime experience that has to be enjoyed to the fullest. As a student in BFA, you do not even have to prepare much for it industriously. What we need from you is a lighten attitude to immerse yourself in the awesome experience!

Students will learn about what it takes to refine your baking skills for the industry. If you have a special creation at the end of the session, you will get the chance to have your products sold at Han’s Café.
So if you have always been baking at home, or sharing your latest recipe with your friends but with no real outlets for your creations, then this programme is for you.

There are four main sessions designed within this programme; each will cover major areas as indicated below. All session will be held at the National Library Building from 7.00 – 9.00 pm.

Session One (Wednesday, 16 September 2009)
§ Introduction to Project Brief
§ “What is a sellable product?”
§ Why and How to create and maintain online retail shop?
§ Recipe Design Formula

Session Two (Monday, 21 September 2009)
§ Discussion on Participant’s recipe
§ Fixing of product
§ Kick starting your own online retail shop

Session Three (Tuesday, 29 September 2009)
§ Introduce the Storyline of your online shop
§ How to develop your Content
§ Importance of Research

Session Four (Thursday, 8 October 2009)
§ How to develop your products for sale in a physical shop
§ How to sell your product and build up your customers
§ Pitching of product to sponsor

After session four, there will be a period set aside for the participants to implement what they have learnt in terms of publicity and promotion of their own online shop. They will be encouraged to branch out into alternative ways of marketing e.g. Setting up a fan’s page in Facebook, employ Direct Email Marketing strategies etc. There will be a panel of judges who will be monitoring the progress of all online shop. At the end of this period, all the participants will be asked to do a pitch to the judges to convince them of the viability to sell their products at Han’s Cafe.


The main reward for the participants will be the opportunity to get their product sold at Han’s Cafe. And if Han’s Cade decide to buy the recipe, you will get a royalty fee that is the market practice.



3 responses to “F&B

  1. Julianne Browne

    Please advise if you will be running another F&B 4 week Training Session, unfortunately I was overseas for the first 2 weeks and would really like to attend.

    Thank you, Julianne

  2. Yan

    I just got to know of this programme, and what a pity it was just over!

    Will there be another session? I am very keen to attend!


  3. bear fruit academy

    Hi Julianne and Yan, unfortunately the next F&B session will not be available anytime this year. We will take note of your interest and keep you updated on it as soon as we have something plan. Do keep a look out though for any other updates here!

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